About Us

Founded in 1972, Gusto Packing Company offers several different product lines; Naturally Smoked Hickory & Apple Wood Bacon, Bone-In Smoked Pork & Turkey Products, Smoked Boneless Hams, Cooked Hams, Ham Steaks, and Pork & Turkey Deli Meats. The Montgomery, Ill., company produces a variety of private label and branded items for retail and foodservice application in the continental U.S. Gusto was purchased by Butterball, LLC in December 2012.

Gusto’s 260,000 square foot facility is located just forty-five miles west of Chicago. This location has enabled the company to provide highly efficient and inexpensive distribution of Gusto products throughout the Continental U.S. and beyond. With state-of-the-art facilities, no one can match Gusto’s capacity on a resource to pound basis. Two hundred employees can produce 6 million pounds per week. The investment in technology has allowed Gusto to cut costs and send product to market with minimal lead times. Current lead times can be as short as 2 hours prior to shipping within the US, regardless of order size. It is the investment in cutting edge equipment that sets Gusto apart from the competition.